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I wish you all
a pleasant stay
at Hovde Gård
Benedikte Grøntvedt, Hotel Manager

Elegant surroundings

We welcome you to one of Norway´s most beautiful venues for courses and conferences, weddings, dinners, events and Christmas parties, with overnight accommodation in luxurious rooms.

Hovde Gård is idyllically and centrally located at the far end of the Trondheim fjord. Vast stretches of coastline, spectacular scenery and fascinating and historic experiences await you. If you would like to take it easy, we recommend you to try our spa and well-being area, or enjoy a glass of wine in our beautiful garden. The choice is yours; we can tailor your event to suit you!


School for housewives - Anno 1923

Hovde Gård opened in March 2009 following a complete renovation during which the Grøntvedt family refurbished the former school for domestic science that dates back to 1923. The family has placed great emphasis on retaining the unique building and recreating an environment that instils calm and well-being during your stay with us.

Hovde Gård with Anna Flatby as the manager was the first school for domestic science in Sør-Trøndelag when it was founded in 1923. Seven years had gone by since the foundation of the preparatory committee that had prepared the ground for such a school.  But it was not certain that Ørlandet would be the location of the county's first school for domestic science. Skjetlein agricultural college at Leinstrand fought for the same building, a battle they would eventually lose.


Many a trained housewife left the school well-prepared for their future. A total of 2763 women passed through the school in the first 50 years. At Hovde they learned everything from sewing to milking cows.


Hovde Gård AS
Hovdev. 10, 7130 Brekstad
Ph.: +47 72 51 59 00 | Fax: +47 72 51 59 01

Speed boat

Speed boat 8 times daily from Trondheim (1 hour) and 3 times from Kristiansund (2:20 hours). Hovde Gård offers group discount.


Flakk-Rørvik or Valset-Brekstad, time from Trondheim incl. car, approx. 2:15 hours   

Flakk - Rørvik by Fjord 1  

Valset - Brekstad by Norled


Daily departures to and from Oslo Gardermoen with Air Norway. Hovde Gård is 4 km from Ørland airport, and the flight time is 1:10 hours from Oslo

Hovde Gård AS

Hovde Gård also has its own minibus with space for 15 people. This is available to guests and is used for excursions and transport.